To make more money for more fishermen... from more fish in the sea. Forever.

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  • Declaration

  • By submitting this application for membership, you are confirming;
    • Your status as a fish producer (“a person using means of production [e.g. a fishing boat] to obtain fishery or aquaculture products with a view to placing them on the market”)
    • That you have attained 16 years of age or more
    • That you wish to use some or all of the services of the PO
    • That you are not a member of another fish producer organisation,
    • Your support for and agreement to the PO’s FCA registered Rules & objects (freely available for you to download and read here),
    • Your consent, as an established fish producer, for the PO to receive, hold and process your fisheries related information as required by the rules of the PO in pursuit of its objects when working on your behalf.
    • You will be applying for a single £1 share in the co-operative.
    • The PO’s financial and membership year runs from April through March.
    • Fees accompanying unsuccessful applications will be returned.
    Your acceptance that;
    • Applications must be approved by the Directors and the Directors may, approve each application for membership, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld.
    • If the Directors refuse to accept the application, it shall provide the applicant with such further information about the reasons for the refusal as the transferee may reasonably request.
    • This does not include copies of minutes of meetings of Directors.
  • Payment

  • New members will be invoiced £1
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