To make more money for more fishermen... from more fish in the sea. Forever.


The Coastal Producer Organisation exists to give small-scale, sustainable fishermen a big voice in a marketplace too often dominated by industrial-fishing interests.

Small scale coastal fishing has been a defining way of life at the heart of UK coastal communities for centuries. It’s a tough, sometimes brutal way to earn a living, built on traditional skills and values handed down through generations of fathers and sons.

In coastal communities, small scale coastal fishermen are admired for their seamanship, honoured for their respect of the sea and revered for their strength of mind and spirit in adversity.

We take pride in landing the freshest, best-conditioned sea food, brought ashore in the shortest possible time to ensure tip-top taste for our customers.

We encourage responsible, sustainable fishing methods.

We are conservation-minded, self-regulating custodians of a proud heritage; committed to a way of life we will guard throughout our working lives and then pass on to future generations, according to time-honoured tradition.

Our Commitment

Coastal Producer Organisation members will:

  • Fish sustainably within 12 nautical miles of the coast
  • Use the right gear, in the right place, at the right time
  • Restrict fishing activities in sensitive waters
  • Take seriously their moral duty to protect fish stocks and preserve fishing grounds for future generations
  • Maintain their position of responsibility within the social and economic fabric of the local communities that are dependent on them
  • Offer mutual support to fellow small-scale, artisanal, coastal fishermen
  • Work co-operatively to ensure the best future for sustainable small-scale fishing in the UK, wherever such fishing is conducted in accordance with best practice principles

The Coastal Producer Organisation will:

  • Collectively manage small-scale sustainable fishing in the UK, always with an eye on provision for future generations
  • Bargain nationally for its members, representing them as a bloc in negotiations for quota allocation and fishing policy
  • Develop marketing strategies to help members achieve the most favourable prices for their fish
  • Act as a purchasing group on behalf of members to achieve economies of scale in the acquisition of services and supplies required to carry out their profession

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To make more money for more fishermen... from more fish in the sea. Forever.

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